Thursday, July 1, 2010

#29 Oh Mercy

I saw these guys support The Veils last year (one of the best shows of 2009) and I was initially hesitant to praise. They seemed to tread a fine line between Bob Dylan influenced and a Bob Dylan tribute band (band name, musical and lyrical style, harmonica). But they just reeked talent and put on the kind of wholesome performance that erases all cynicism. Oh Mercy indeed, or more appropriately, oh merci, because that’s how tracks like Get You Back make me feel. Quite thankful. The aforementioned standout track grabs you by the earlobes and sweet talks the living daylights out of you.

You should also really listen to:
Seemed Like A Good Idea

Cant Fight It. Caffeinated melodies and Luke Steelesq vocals (Sleepy Jackson Steele, not Empire of the Sun) paint dreamy affairs.

Lay Everything On Me. I am at the mercy of this song’s seduction. It conjures up images of someone sauntering into a dimly lit room, all nervous charm and smooth beats. This is one of the most potent pick-up lines Oh Mercy delivers, and it works a treat. They’re my new band crush.

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