Thursday, July 1, 2010

#28 The Temper Trap

You might be asking why the highest Australian placed act on the splendour bill is coming in at a humble 28, well personal taste can’t be justified and I’ve also heard that their live show is dull and lacklustre. So I approach these prodigal children (do they still call Australia home?) with curiosity and caution. In saying that, surely 500,000 worldwide album sales can’t be wrong (right?) and Conditions is brimming with sharp, indie-rock irresistibility.

Live priorities include-

Sweet Disposition. If you haven’t heard it, see a doctor. That or listen to it and go “oh this song, yeah I’ve heard this song- who hasn’t?” Credit where credit is due and this is a pretty stellar track, the opening riff, the falsetto, the thunderous drums, the building, the chant, the climatic chorus- no wonder it won APRA single of the year.

Love Lost

Fader. When do woo-hoo-hoo-hoo’s not work?

Resurrection. The second half in particular, you know when all the time you invested in the song starts to pay dividends.

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