Sunday, July 4, 2010

#26 Little Red

I’m convinced that drummer, Taka Honda, is unable to frown. I’m also convinced that Little Red has somehow tapped into his joy and put lyrics to it. On first listen, obvious Beach Boys similarities are drawn from their 60’s sounding delights- the sunshine popness, the brevity and the four-piece harmonies. New stuff like single Rock It is being pushed as Spaghetti Reggae (whatever that is) and I’m quite curious to see the more soulful Little Red live show.

Looking forward to a good jive and shake to tracks-

Coca Cola. As irresistible as the drink itself? 2:22 of hip swinging and finger clicking.

Fight Song

Witchdoctor. While the band shares vocal responsibilities, this lavish stunner of a track confirms that Quang Dinh does it best.

Actually, come to think of it, pretty much all of Listen to Little Red

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