Sunday, July 4, 2010

#27 We Are Scientists

Fun and catchy fairy-floss rock that tastes good but rapidly disintegrates in your mouth. Musically, there is nothing remarkably groundbreaking or breathtaking about their acute hook n roll, but it could be argued that the punchy tracks were never made to be the foundations of a substantial musical diet. It’s never going to fill you up but sometimes you just feel like eating fairy floss. They grab the #27 spot due to pure nostalgia; like many of us With Love and Squalor evokes pungent early high school memories. A chance to see them at splendour would dose me up with my fix of cheap indie-pop thrills that I so sorely crave.

Listen to: (I haven’t checked out Barbara yet so I’m only going off their other two albums)

Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt. There’s something quite satisfying about that chorus. If you want to use my body / Go for it. Thanks Keith, I’ll keep that in mind.

The Great Escape.

That’s What Counts. Dastardly good melody. And those horns! Oh my!

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