Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#30 - Surfer Blood

They sound like summer which currently, in this bitch-slap of a winter (my showers are way too hard to get out of and my bones are sore) is gospel news to my chippy little ears. These surfers aren’t afraid of riffs (sorry, that’s just horrible) and there’s something really satisfying about the clean, twangy fretwork from this Florida five-piece. Busy drums and reckless hooks, I’m a sucker for it. If their live set is as volatile as the recording we’re in for a treat. Oh and lead singer J.P. Pitts is also in the running for best name ever.

Tracks to check out before you see them:
(If you haven’t already) Swim. the lead single and killer catchy number. Undeniably Weezer sounding, critically astounding and manically fun.

Twin Peaks

Slow Jabroni. Surfer Blood at their best. 3 minutes in and everything clicks; really worth a listen.

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